Interdisciplinary Approach in Tourism

Tourism may also be defined as people taking trips away from home, and it embraces the entire range of transportation, lodging, food service, and other activities relating to and serving the traveler. Tourism is concerned with all travelers visiting foreign parts, whether it be for pleasure, business, or combination of the two. The only exception is someone who is setting up a new residence in a foreign country and will be earning a salary and paying taxes in this new country. A tourist is someone who travels away from home. Large numbers of workers already do paid work for what averages out to only three or from days a week, or they take six months or a year off to pursue educational or recreational goals. Tourism is considered and activity essential to the life of nations because of its direct effects of the social, cultural, educational and economic sectors of national societies and their international relation .

Interdisciplinary Approach in Tourism : Prof. Boondoem Panrob